Obamacare Website Crashes: Initial Working Day Of New System Plagued By Glitches, Crashes

Why a melancholy inevitable. I am here to say we have had our runaway inflation or hyperinflation led by our spendthrift reps in government in cahoots with the Federal Reserve Financial institution a monopoly and fraudulent cartel. You should know the Anglo monetary power elite who manage all 100 central banks in the globe, Such as THE FED, are preparing to take your freedom and your cash in a globally conspiracy. I call them BANKSTERS! You can call them the Grasp Class who plunder us with the use of bailouts and forex debasement that can only direct to chaos and distress in the coming deflation and Higher Depression. Will we just give up and allow them totally manage us cradle to grave?

My mother was diagnosed in Oct with stage 3 colon cancer. Inside a 7 days, she was undergoing lifesaving surgical procedure in one of Atlanta's leading hospitals. She was fortunate have accessibility to care in an American hospital. The colon most cancers survival rate in the United States is amongst the highest in the world.

Before Ryan's report was released, the typical Democrats criticized it for becoming extreme and starving 'Grandma,' and providing tax breaks for the rich. Ryan's plan does absolutely nothing of the kind. Obamacare Florida is going to destroy 'Grandma' with its rationing care and loss of life panels. Democrats complained about Ryan's proposal but they didn't even move a budget in 2010. They did nothing then and they're performing nothing now but complaining. Regrettably, whining is their best asset.

Overall the themes of this debate had been relatively of a hodge-podge of issues. Few were the most immediate to the Average American. Nearly all danced absent from any subject that could be detrimental to the Obama Administration. Contemplating the concentrate on Gov. Perry, and the zigzag of subjects based on who was becoming asked, the discussion felt much more like it was cobbled with each other at the last moment.

The congress is about to steal $500 Bill from Medicare. Since this money was keeping sick old grandmothers across the nation alive, we have to conclude that Rep Alan Grayson, Rep Nancy Pelosi, Senator Harry Reid, and Chairman Barack Hussein Obama want granny dead. What to do with all those fresh corpses? Why like good communists they will not let Helath Insurance anything go to waste. Maybe they will do like that old Charlton Heston movie and making granny's corpse into food. Old folks sold out by the AMA and AARP. I hope they enjoy their 30 items of silver. I am particular that their government officers have integrity and they when they are purchased, they remain purchased.

Both political parties concur that our power policy is a farce, yet neither party will do anything to fix it. With energy prices growing every day our president indicates we promote our SUVs.

Just these days, our lame duck Senate voted to pass the Begin website treaty, a maniacal treaty in arrangement with Russia (who we merely cannot afford to believe in), to decrease the quantity of nuclear arms each countries hold. Now, Iran is truthfully a higher risk than Russia to the relaxation of the globe, yet we make this agreement and refuse to look at the greater risk. Why is this? Is it simply because of money or worry? It has to be 1 or the other.

The shrinking safety net has largely been dismissed by the mainstream media. And the essential impact of Occupy was diminished from the onset. By the way, once folks started cramming into parks the Congress lastly lifted its collective bum off the subject of debt ceiling and whether or not or not to increase it, to examining the small return from the extremely rich.

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